Aims And Objectives

Klaibyam ma sma gamah partha
naitat tvavyy upapadyate
ksudram hrdya- daurbalyam
tyaktvottistha parantapa

The above shloka is in chapter 2.3 of Geeta Text 3 Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that O son of Partha,do not yeild to this degrading impotence.It does not become you.Give up such petty weakness of heart and arise, o chastser of the enemy.

The main aims and objectives of GEETA BHAVAN Leicester are:
To act as an Umbrella organisation to Hindu Temples, Faith Organisations & Groups across the UK;
To support and assist with Capacity Building within Hindu Temples, Faith Organisations & Groups;
To recommend and provide contact details of Hindu Priests to conduct weddings, religious functions and ceremonies;
To seek support from the Government Departments, Local Councils, Public Bodies and Education Authorities and promote Hindu ethos and culture;
To arrange Temple visits for Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Organisations;
To work with other faith groups for mutual appreciation of each others religion, interfaith dialogue and community cohesion;
To promote the advancement, achievements, consensus, cooperation and unity of Hindus in the UK;
To establish a position for the Hindu community within UK that is fair and based on Human Rights.

The primary aim of the Hindu-Mandir is to meet the spiritual, ritual, ceremonial
and social needs of Hindus. It is recognised that Hindus over the world, meditate,
worship or pray according to their personal beliefs and traditions. This diversity
is inherent part of our heritage, and must be suitably reflected in the functioning
of the Mandir.
Geeta Bhavan  shall strive to create an environment of mutual respect and
tolerance within the Hindu community, and, to meet the religious needs of all
those who seek God through His various manifestations, according to their diverse
beliefs and unique traditions. Geeta Bhavan shall strive to educate and promote
Hindu values and tradition, inspired from various Hindu scriptures, to our youth. It is further enhanced by enhanced cooperation through Hindi Classes at Geeta Bahvan premises.
The future generations of Hindus, should integrate within the society,
but should also cherish, maintain and feel proud of their religion and heritage.
The Hindu-Mandir is committed to provide facilities for Hindus from all walks
of life and shall focus its services in Sanatan Dharma.
To achieve this Geeta Bhavan strives to serve the religious needs of its members
and community at large. To achieve this, the Mandir shall seek to:
• maintain and operate  a temple complex with supporting facilities; and
• conducts religious services and ceremonies.
To preserve and promote Hindu Religion in its varied manifestations, among
its members and Geeta Bhavan encourages participation in congregation,
conducts religious classes, invites learned scholars to come and preach religion,
publishes and distributes religious magazines, maintain good relations with
other religious organisations.
In addition the Geeta Mandir tries to meet the social needs of its members. To achieve
this, the Mandir provides facility for and conducts Hindi & Sanskrit classes,
provide facilities for a community kitchen, provide counselling for social services,
celebrate various festivals of Hindu religion, promote religious and humanitarian
causes. In addition religious function like Ramnavami and Srikrishnajanmastmi Festival is organised at the premises of Geeta Bhavan.
Furthermore the Mandir strives to promote understanding of Hindu religion among
Hindus and local society – conduct workshops on Hindu religion, maintain
library of religious books, conduct or participate in activities that promote
this objective, participate in Inter-faith services.


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